Stories Behind the MUSE By Darrin Keith Art


                   'Country Girl' By Darrin Keith Bastfield (Work in Progress)

Here's to the Old Fashion Country Girl. Where are you? A rough sketch for a new oil painting I am starting that was in my mind for some time. I have run out of pencils and charcoal, but I found a wax pencil. You know the one where you have to peel the paper off? Hey..if it can make a mark, I will use it. City girl, after this you are next.

'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend' By Darrin Keith Bastfield.

This painting was initially an idea that I shared with my friend Massimo Tucci of Bijem to promote their Sports Diamond Jewelry Collection throughout their retail locations in Monaco, Spain, and Beverly Hills California.

'Mami Wata in Presence' By Darrin Keith Bastfield (Close up)

This is a close up of 'Mami Wata in Presence' paying homage to the African Diety Mami Wata. I discovered Mami Wata while painting this and became educated half way through after her face to me. No model was used in this piece. It was very interesting and scary at the same time after I began to research Mami Wata. She is beautiful and powerful so don't cross her.


 'Hello' By Darrin Keith Bastfield

I had both the honor and privilege as an Artist to work with my childhood Muse Bernadette Stanis who portrayed Thelm Evans of the 70's hit TV Show 'Good Times.' For about a year she would share with my stories about about life, both professional and personal for which I created a 30 art exhibition for Women's History Month in 2008. I wanted to turn Bernadette from being a "Cultural Icon to becoming an Artistic Icon." The overall them of the exhibition was about women's  images images changed from the 60's up to the present day. Bernadette took part in panel discussions sitting alongside other women to give voice about the portrayal of women's images, and also hosted a 70's After Party for me. It was a whole bunch of fun.

More Art Coming Soon...